• Question: I really like the fact that you would use the money (if you win) to benefit and educate school children, but other than this, would you use the money to benefit your work?

    Asked by laceyc to Martin on 12 Mar 2012.
    • Photo: Martin Wallace

      Martin Wallace answered on 12 Mar 2012:

      Hi, Lacey,
      I wouldn’t be able to use the money directly to support my work, but in a way it will help the company. I’ve always been involved with going into schools to do workshops and presentations, and I’ve found that I learned more about the industry from the questions the students ask. I can’t think of a single question an adult has asked me that is better than those children have asked me during the presentations I did. Because they are such good questions it means I don’t know the answer so have to research it.
      So I think it will benefit my work because if I do more outreach work, I get more experience in the industry, which means I can find out more useful information about the products, which means I can design things better