• Question: Do you ever get fustrated when there's somthing you want to do on the computer but can't do it using your software ?

    Asked by sohas018 to Martin on 22 Mar 2012.
    • Photo: Martin Wallace

      Martin Wallace answered on 22 Mar 2012:

      Yes I do! I use some very complicated, developed pieces of software that can do thousands of calculations every second and help to make my job so much easier. However there are sometimes that, for whatever reason, there is a simple measurement that it can’t show me. Often this means that I need to use pencil, paper and a calculator to work out a certain angle or distance.
      This is good though, because it does mean that I get to use the equations that I learned at school such as pythagoras’ theorum. I’m happy that I have a reason for learning it all those years ago!